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The official launch of the GEOfood brand occurred Wednesday the 29th of june 2022 at the Musée Promenade in Digne-les-Bains, in attendance of Patricia Granet Brunello, President of Provence Alpes Agglomeration Community of communes, Bruno Acciai, vice-president delegated to agri-food sector and rurality, and Bernard Teyssier, President of the Intercommunal Management Agreement for the Geopark.

Deployed in France for the first time by the Haute-Provence UNESCO Global Geopark, this brand aims to valorize local products inside the Geopark territory, and to reinforce and reassert the link between geological heritage and local food traditions, in collaboration with the Nutritional Territorial Project from Provence Alpes Agglomeration.

This convivial evening allowed to highlight numerous local products tasted by participants, and to distribute their GEOfood certificate to the first four members : 

– Karkam Safran de Provence (Guilène Cheron, safron producer in Barras), 

Les Ruchers de la Bastide Blanche (Gisèle Emeline, honey producer in Estoublon), 

L’Étoile du Berger (Famille Pelestor, candied white Sarteau pear producer in Draix), 

Le Vieux Moulin (Marie-France Girard, olive oil producer in Estoublon).

You are producer, artisan or restaurant owner into the Geopark territory ? Find out how it works to joins the network, to participate and to get this new international label on the Geopark web site! 

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