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Our manifesto

GEOfood aims to promote sustainable agriculture and food production practices. It also aims to raise awareness for the importance of soils and rational use of water resources, geodiversiy,landscapes and the entire natural and cultural heritage in Geoparks. 


 The GEOfood brand appeared as a response to the current global challenges that agriculture faces, pointed through the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United NationsAgenda 2030, namely by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).

GEOfood main gaol is to promote sustainable agriculture and local communities. 

The brand provides an opportunity to promote authentic tourism experiences in unique territories, distinguished as sustainable tourism destinations and boosters of health and well-being. 

More specifically, GEOfood initative aims at: 

  1. Raise awareness for the connection between the raw materials of food products, the territory anditsgeological heritage, establishing links between food and local cultural traditions;

  2. Improve food education, privileging zero-kilometre food products and the responsible use of resources.

GEOfood partners must demonstrate to reach the following standards:

  •  Companies must be located in Geopark territory;

  •  Raw materials must come mostly from the Geopark;

  •  The production takes place within the territory of the Geopark, fostering traditional techniques, preserving and enhancing the territory’s intangible heritage.

  • To foster the values of the circular economy, zero km food and zero waste;

  • To promote Biodiversity and the improvement of soil quality through, the adoption of responsible,sustainable farming practices;

  • To create a healthy environment and healthy food, particularly implementing integrated pestand weed management practices that are non-invasive from a chemical and pharmaceutical point of view;

  • To use water and soil resources responsibly;

  • To have an effective waste recycling system;

  • To respect workers’ rights throughout all the production process.

The GEOfood brand intends to create a network of partners in several countries, within the UNESCO Global Geoparks, under the common mission of influencing local, regional and nationalpolicies towards innovative food system and territorial planning which can strengthen urban-rural links.