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GEOfood Unesco Global Geopark members

GEOfood brand is only for UNESCO Global Geopark territories. GEOfood has born from the same bottom up , holistic approach and sustainable principles which characterized the Geoopark concept.

Why GEOfood for UNESCO Global Geoparks?

One of  the main goal of UNESCO Global Geoparks is engaging local communities into sustainable development strategies and actions. Local people, with their heritage, traditions and culture are the living soul of UNESCO Global Geoparks worldwide. Each single Geopark tells unique story linked with the peculiar geology and culture. Geoparks share the same values and also the same passion for promoting its own authenticity though the valorization of local food traditions. The raw material originated from the unique Geopark´s geodiversity provided local communities with the food they needed, in some cases, for millennia. We´d like to emphasize this connection through GEOfood whihc aims at sharing sustainable food stories across the World.