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The Vieux Moulin. Property of the family for generations, the ancient oil mill houses the boutique of the family farm, in which lavanda is grown (for essentiel oil) and olive oil is produced. One can see there grinding stones and ancient presses. The smiling landlady Marie-France is there to give any explanation needed to understand this ancestral knowledge. She explains differences between ancient and present-day olive oil processing and describes the way the old tools were used by her ancestors when she was a young girl.


The Valensole conglomerates cover the southern part of the Haute-Provence UGGp territory, thick detritic river formation, whose countless pebbles illustrate the geodiversity of the alpine mountains all around, as they were recently erected and submitted to strong erosion during the Mio-Pliocene ages. They produce a poor, dry and rocky soil which accumulates the heat. The olive trees thrive in these contrasting landscapes made of hills and terraces interspersed by ravines or canyons. On Saint-Jean plateau 630m above sea-level, in Estoublon village, centuries-old olive trees are preserved from Mistral wind but not from the southern breeze that helps for pollinisation. They mostly belong to the Aglandau regional species, with a few specimens of Estoublaisse local species. The olive paste is kneaded and twice centrifuged at ambient temperature. It gives birth to this PDO Haute-Provence olive oil (Protected Designation of Origin), also Organic labeled, with a very pronounced green fruity and ardent taste.

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