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The White Sarteau is a local old pear variety from the mountainous lands, formerly appreciated for its late maturity and firmness which allows long term conservation (till winter) and domestic culinary uses. Glorified by the art of a confectioner in Nice during 73 years, the Sarteau Pear was grown, collected and meticulously sorted and hand-peeled by the Pelestor family, farmers in Draix village, under the leadership of the grand-mother Marie-Augustine. The name “Trésor de Marie-Augustine” pays tribute to Her, combining biological and cultural culinary heritage.


Sarteau pears are now directly transformed by the Pelestor family. Actually, as the candy maker retired, material and know-how were transmitted. A 3rd generation ensures today the continuity of this outstanding and unique valorisation from a rustic fruit into a delicate and glossy candied fruit, underlined by the Organic certification. In the Haute-Provence UGGp, the heritage value of the Sarteau Pear is enhanced through few panels along the roads, through traditional festivals and local sales of fruit, fruit juice and the famous candied fruits. The Pelestor family’s work has also been recommended by Gault & Millau 2021, a famous gastronomic guidebook.

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