Les Ruchers de la Bastide Blanche

Country: France

The Company

In Estoublon village, the owner of the beekeeping farm « Les Ruchers de la Bastide Blanche » harvest honey from beehives permanently settled all around in the Asse Valley and from others in transhumance near Saint-Jurs and Moustiers-Sainte-Marie at the southern edge of the UNESCO Global Geopark, southern France. Open doors days, sightseeing and educational tours are organized to valorize know-how implemented in this farm by Gisele and her husband, and beeswax candles workshop are proposed to children. Anyone can then experiment and appreciate the connection between honeys’ tastes richness and the magic of the local biodiversity.

The product

In the southern part of the Haute Provence UGGp, vegetation has to be very well adapted to the dry and poor stony ground that evolves from the underlying Valensole Conglomerates. This Mio-Pliocene geological complex gather high geo-diversity pebbles, sands and clays derived from young Alpine mountains erosion, during the end of the Cenozoïc period. They ended up accumulating in a vast highly subsident flood plain at the outlet of paleo-Durance, paleo-Asse and paleo-Bleone rivers. Now they give birth to the characteristic Provence herbs. The local Provence “Black Bees” are feeding here with wild thyme, lavanda and others. They receive minute attention at every steps of their life by Gisele and her husband who produce typical Provence organic honeys (and honey candies).

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