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Frequently Asked Questions

Is GEOfood an UNESCO-Global Geoparks Network initiative? 

No, GEOfood is an initiative run by GEOfood Int. , from 2024 owned by several UNESCO Global Geoparks, we are embracing the same values but we are not officially cooperating with UNESCO or GGN

My Geopark is interested, who will be in charge for selecting and branding local enteprises? 

Each Geopark is direclty responsible for the correct implementeation of GEOfood criteria and manifesto.

Is the annual fee par Geoaprk or par product? 

Annual simbolic fee is to ideally support the expenses for the initative and it covers all Geopark products, running for 12 months.

We have just become UNESCO Global Geopark and we have issue to start to collect food partners, could you support us? 

We have presentations, proejcts and tips for you, just keep in touch

I am a producer/restaurant can I use the GEOfood brand?

You can ask the use of the brand if you are located in an UNESCO Global Geopark which is participating in the initiative, you need to contact direclty the Geopark staff at your place.

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