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UNESCO Global Geoparks, Universities, Aspiring Geoparks and Geopark´s projects staff members  are supporting the development of the GEOfood initiative!

Who we are

Magma UNESCO Global Geopark in Norway, established and strenghten the GEOfood initiative since 2015. Since the very beginning the GEOfood has been characterized by Geopark´s cooperation and mutual exchange of practices in the frame of UNESCO Global Geoparks values and goals. Magma Geopark has been investing in the GEOfood initiative in terms of economical resources and time, from 2018  thanks to the support of all the members  Magma managed to increase the interst around the concept and involve more Geoparks.

Along the years Magma Geopark have got the chance to be supported by many very good professional colleagues across several territories: without their help and support we couldn´t made the GEOfood growing and become a Worldwide recognised initiative.

Since 2020, thanks to the IGCP -International Geoscience Programme Support, Magma Geopark started to cooperate not only with territories which adopted GEOfood brand but also with more Universities, Geoparks, aspiring Geoparks and scientist for streghtening the sceintific background of the GEOfood idea and its connection with the geoscience and to build up innovative tools for its dissemination.

GEOfood is now a no-profit Company where UNESCO Global Geoparks participate to the decisional process throught Board membership and Scietific Commettee participation.


Here more details about the IGCP-GEOfood project.

Meet the IGCP project members

Meet the GEOfood Geopark´s members 

Meet the GEOfood producers and restaurants


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