Photo: GEOfood tabel game


Education to sustainability it is crucial for empowering new generations and local communities for fighting climate change and for supporting the adoption of innovative way of living for a greener future 

The GEOfood table game is now ready for download! 

We are delighted to share with you the GEOfood table game developed following the main GEOfood principles within the #IGCP726  by Hateg Country UNESCO Global Geopark from Romania  which we thanks for their commitment and for the wonderful result!

The aim of the boardgame is to get to know the geoparks’ economic framework, to familiarise with the geoproduct concept and to learn about GEOfood.
This is a participative game, so you are welcome to modify it as you wish.
To play the game you need to:
1. Download the pdf files, print (colour or not) and cut the pieces.
2. Find something to use as figurines. They need to be small enough to stand only on one segment of the A3 board. You need one figurine for each player.
3. Find a dice
4. Read the rules
5. Have fun!
You can create your own board with your Geopark map; you can add new types of food or create new development cards.
Contact the game creators and let us know how you improved the game.
If you want the boardgame translated in your language, send us the translation and we will modify the game design for you. Please Contact:

Magma Geopark, is enthusiastic to annouce the cooperation with the FAO e-learning Academy for adult learning

The FAO e-learning Academy offers over 400 multilingual certified e-learning courses,  free of charge, as a global public good and is the result of a collaborative effort involving over 200 partners throughout the world. The overall objective of the FAO elearning Academy is to strengthen the human capital, through the transfer of knowledge, skills and competences, in order to generate competent professionals able to face the global challenges.

The FAO elearning Academy has now reached a global audience of over 700,000 users, the courses cover various thematic areas Climate Smart Agriculture, Sustainable Food Systems and Nutrition, food safety, food losses, child labor, sustainable forestry and fisheries, Responsible Governance to tenure among others, and are fully aligned with the SDG Agenda 2030.

In addition to universities, academic and research institutions, the FAO eLearning Academy shares elearning courses with other organizations, including UN agencies, the European Union, International Federation of the Red Cross,  NGOs, and international development agencies (ECOWAS, CILSS, COMESA, NEPAD etc…) to support capacity development efforts worldwide.

The FAO elearning Academy has also created, in collaboration with universities and academic networks, a number of joint University Masters’ and Post Graduate Degree programmes, based on the FAO elearning courses.

The FAO elearning Academy is adopting the Digital Badges Certification System, to certify the acquisition of competencies, in order to progress talents within organizations and increase employment opportunities. Certification granted by FAO, by passing the final scenario-based performance evaluation, is now associated to the FAO elearning courses.