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How to become a member

Find out what are the possible first steps towards the GEOfood certification for your UNESCO Global Geopark

How to become a GEOfood partner

Yes we know, we are very tempting. The GEOfood  initiative is rather cool and we also like to be inclusive and dinamic, so yes you are welcome!

First step is probably to familiarize with the necessary criteria and MANIFESTO.

Then it is a good idea to start ot collect local partners whihc are meeting the criteria and the MANIFESTO and explain the advantage.

Advatages are the visiblity of the Geopark in the area, while people buying GEOfood products or going eating in a restaurant they get to know abou the Geopark and the geological heritage: this do not happen with any other food brand, they get promoted internationally ith other 100 members, sharing ideas and good practices worldwide and be cooler than the neighbour.

After you have been collecting some enteprises to start with and got good feedback from the local communities please feel free to drop us an email and we can start to discuss in how to help and go further.


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