Yujin Farm

Country: Korea,

The Yujin Farm restaurant sells Korean-style meals with side dishes lined up on a table. They mainly sell Baeksuk, Gejang (Crab preserved in soy sauce), pork ribs, and we also sell cheonggukjang, which is made by directly fermenting beans grown at the foot of Mt. Mudeungsan. Side dishes and vegetables that are eaten with food are cultivated directly next to the restaurant. Dine at our restaurant for a panoramic view of Cheongpung Geovillage, located just below Mt. Mudeungsan, but enjoy the real Korean dining with typical Korean countryside scenery!

They sell Cheonggukjang (Fermented Soybean Paste Soup) which is made by fermenting soybeans directly at the foot of Mt. Mudeungsan. Cheonggukjang, which is made by the traditional Korean method over a long period of time, has a deep and rich taste. On top of that, eating fresh vegetables grown right next to the restaurant makes you feel naturally healthy. In addition, we also sell GEOFood Baeksuk.

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