At Mongttang herb farm, they  grow herbs directly in fields covered with weathered soil from Mt. Mudeungsan. We make and sell tea and soap with this herb and run an herbal footbath experience. Enjoy herbal footbath experience and soap making experience with your family, friends, lovers in the fresh air of Mt. Mudeungsan ! If you have a footbath experience, you can enjoy herbal tea for free! We will deliver more fragrant memories than any memories.

They sell 4 kinds of herbal teas that are packed with healthy soil at the foot of Mt. Mudeungsan, the clear breeze from Mt. Mudeungsan, and the fragrant herbs grown in the warm sunlight. They also have lavender, lemon balm, mint and stevia. Enjoy the aroma and health of Mt. Mudeungsan in your daily life!

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