Mudeungsan Geopark

Mudeungsan UNESCO Global Geopark is located in the southern part of the Korean peninsula near the city of Gwangju and is centred around Mount Mudeung. This mountain towers high above the city and the surrounding lowlands (1,100 m) and lends the Geopark its name. Mudeungsan UNESCO Global Geopark covers an area of 1,051 km2 about half of which is covered with forest. The climate, influenced by the mountains, is warm and temperate with significant rainfall every month. The core area (75 km2) lies within Mudeungsan National Park.

Many temples, cultural assets and art galleries reside in harmony with the magnificent scenery of Mudeungsan, which boasts of picturesque views of the different volcanic colonnades and many other topographic features including steep cliffs, block streams, natural caves and waterfalls. Many villages and cultural features in and around the area are closely connected to Mt Mudeung.

Mudeungsan has long occupied a place in the spiritual world of the people of Jeollanam-do, the former Honam. In Korea mountain tops are frequently referred to as Cheonjedan – altars for celestial worship rituals. Mudeungsan was a cult destination for residents who built a shrine to pray for their families and village. Before the Shilla and Goryeo periods, worship was directed towards the good of the local people and subsequently of the country as a whole.

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