Mudol Tavern


The Mudol Tavern is a traditional Korean restaurant located just below the foot of Mt. Mudeungsan and they make foods from ingredients grown in the village. The main menu is straw-fired pork belly, which sells the GEOfoods Mudol Dongdongju and Tofu together.  The restaurant is a resting place for climbers who have visited the Mt. Mudeungsan.

Cheongpung Geovillage, which is located this restaurant, is covered Mt. Mudeungsan weathered soil, and only rice and fresh vegetables grown in this healthy weathered soil are used to cook. In particularly, the straw-fired pork belly is soaked in the scent of straw to increase its flavor, and can be enjoyed even more deliciously with another suitable GEOfoods Dongdongju and Tofu.

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