This brewery is a place that started with the desire to invite visitors to Mt. Mudeungsan to this geovillage. With two types of rice that grown near this Cheongpung Geovillage at the foot of Mt. Mudeungsan, I brew dongdongju (rice wine) using my own special method to make healthy dongdongju. This liquor is best served at the foot of Mt. Mudeungsan, so in principle it is sold only in this village. When you visit Mudeungsan, try dongdongju, which can only be enjoyed here!

This dongdongju is a traditional Korean liquor made only from two types of rice grown near Cheongpung Geovillage, which is covered with weathered soil from Mt. Mudeungsan. Made in healthy soil, clean water and cool breeze, this liquor even contains the pure heart of the owner for visitors to the village. This liquor, brewed by the owner’s own special secret method, is incomparable to the mass-produced commercially available Dongdongju. Try the true taste in Cheongpung Geovillage, where you can see the Mt. Mudeungsan.

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