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This Deulpul makes a variety of foods using beans near Mt. Mudeungsan. These beans are grown by the Mudeungsan Bean Cooperative Unit, which is composed of residents living near Mt. Mudeungsan, and the beans are used to make food. The proceeds from selling these foods are run in a sustainable way that directly go to residents. On behalf of tofu, we make healthy basic foods such as gochujang paste, soybean paste, cheonggukjang paste and soy sauce, which are indispensable for Korean menus, using the traditional Korean methods.

The tofu we make in Cheongpung Geovillage is all of the healthy bean-containing ingredients grown in the weathered soil of Mt. Mudeungsan. The precious beans that cultivated by the clean air and water from Mt. Mudeungsan and harvested by the local residents are reborn as Korean traditional tofu in this village. We confidently recommend tofu that incorporates the fragrant taste of healthy beans.

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