Tre Tyttebær

Country: Norway

Tre Tyttebær make products with soul and flavor from a mythical landscape, in the heart of the Anorthosite landscape, which makes up Magma Geopark. The main character in the story is the fierce Viking Orvar Odd, and Oddsfjellet, which became his last resting place.

So what does Tre Tyttebær mean? Orvar Odd had three wishes on the death bed. He had to be buried somewhere he could hear the sea, the church bells from Haua and the rooster at Berglyd. He can do that from Oddsfjellet, so the “three cranberries” are a reference to Orvar’s last wish.

In their product range are; seaweed salt, chili salt, cranberry salt, pickled seaweed, dandelion marmalade and spruce shoots jelly.

The products can be purchased at Magma Geopark  office, and by direct email to the producer, Sidsel Margrethe Salvesen.

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