Svanes Bigård

Country: Norway

Svanes Bigård is a family and hobby project run by Anne-Lise and Tore Svanes together with son Sondre Svanes. We produce honey from the Nordic Black Bee, which is a bee breed worthy of preservation. A tough bee that is not afraid of a rain shower or a few cool days. They fit perfectly well in our area when you can experience 4 seasons in one day.

Beekeeping is an excellent recreation activity, and you will never stop learning. Even if the bees are considered domestic animals, they cannot be tamed, but with the right care and respect we get calm bees.

The beehives are located on Øygrei and Nodland. In the summer, we have two of them in the garden at Lygre marina, much to the delight of garden owners with fruit trees and berry bushes.

We harvest the honey in two stages to be able to offer liquid summer honey in late summer and a firmer honey with a strong heather character in the autumn.

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