The Veen Farm

Country: Norway

Veen Gard is idyllically located between water and mountains in Øvrabygda in Bjerkreim municipality. Vinjakula (907 masl) belongs to the farm and Gloppedalsura is close by.In 1948 the farm was divided between 2 brothers. Harald Veen’s part consisted only of outfield. A large cage project started. Without electricity and with the river as a washing machine, land was cultivated and barns and homes were built. Baseli, Dagros and Sangros was the name of the first 3 cows which together with 20 goats and 20 sheep was Veen Gård’s first.Today they run goat and sheep farms. 80 goats and 25 sheep graze in the open and help to nurture the landscape that would otherwise grow. Veen Gård mainly processes goat products: they  utilize both milk and meat. From goat’s milk, cheeses and ice cream are made. They also offer a large selection of pure meat products such as ribs and thighs from goat.The campsite at Veen Gard offers cabin rentals and is an excellent base for fishing and walking. Today, Harald’s granddaughter – Janne Marie and her husband Gjermund – runs the farm. Her father – Hallvard Veen – is still an active contributor and passionate.

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