Den Brune Bie

Country: Norway

The Nordic black bee is considered to be an ecotype or subspecies of the old European bee. The Nordic black bee is the only original bee race in Northern Europe, and is nowadays listed as endangered. In the pure breeding areas in Flekkefjord, Lund, Sokndal and Sirdal, it is forbidden to keep other bees than the black bee. Here are the the natural borders such as mountains and seas that isolate the stock and prevent mating from other bee breeds.

Thanks to the few beekeepers who choose to participate in the breeding work for the black bee, Norway has today the largest remaining stock of the black bee. The work done for this bee rase is essential for the breed to still have a future in the beekeeping.

Sverre Sirevåg was born in 1927. He began to raise bees at the age of 14. By that time he had two beehives of his own and he also raised bees for others. By 2010, his daughter Gretha took over the business with her husband Geir-Arne and with the help from their mentor Sverre.

The beehives are located in different places around Sokndal municipality. The main farm is at Bjørkhaug approx. 50 meters from their house. What’s special here is the bloom in springtime that starts early and that there is a generous access to apple, raspberry, morell, plum, blackberry, clover and dandelion blooms. The other beehives are located in areas where there are plenty of wildflowers, such as bell heather.

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