Søya Gard

You can find Søya Gård just a cross the municipal boundary from Bjerkreim municipality, in Gjesdal municipality. In the border zone of Magma Geopark we find much of the same nature and geology as in the northern parts of Bjerkreim; 1.5 billion year old gneiss dominates this landscape and makes it fertile and well suited for the old Norse Iron Age sheep.

The meat of the Iron Age sheep is juicy and good, and has a distinct taste of the high mountains at Søyland. These sheep is making good use of wild grass and herbs. The sheep have the best living conditions from birth to adult sheep; It moves freely in open and clean nature, gets regular supervision and attention from the owner and has a social life with the rest of the flock. This ancient Norwegian breed is a skilled landscaper and is therefore very useful for maintaining an open cultural landscape.

At Søya Gårdsutsalg you will find a variety of traditional and tasty productsproduced from the Iron Age sheep; lightly salted lamb legs, ribs, dried and saltet meat and mutton sausage. Søya also offers homemade honey, as well as traditional art and light meals.

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