Bonaboo Kombucha

It’s hard to imagine the barren landscape surrounding Bonavista provides fertile soil but as you explore the Geopark’s hilly and rugged coastline, take note of the many local ingredients growing beneath your feet. Glaciation left a pockmarked landscape capable of storing vast quantities of water, creating ponds and bogs all over the peninsula which support ground-level, mossy plants, some of which are food for wildlife, others are gathered for human consumption as glacial ice provided the perfect growing conditions for our wild berries and flowers. Traditionally,  ancestors sourced natural ingredients from the land for a wide range of products and ate whatever was in season as ‘foraging’ for food was as essential as fishing.

The tradition continues at Bonabooch Kombucha as they look to combine the age-old tradition of foraging with the ancient art of making Kombucha creating flavours and recipes that are uniquely our own.  Many of our ingredients are sourced from within the boreal forest surrounding Bonavista and are ingredients that thrive in the cooler climates and do well in acidic soils, typical in much of Newfoundland and Labrador.

At Bonabooch, they  source over 40 types of these berries, wildflowers, buds, and blossoms in the making of our unique kombucha. They encourage the use of sustainable harvesting methods as we strive to leave some food and plants behind for  wildlife and mother nature, to ensure they continue to have access to these precious resources.  Ingredients such as river mint, rose hips, rose petals, rhubarb, and various local berries – crowberries, blueberries, raspberries, gooseberries just to name a few – are combined with natural spring water found deep in the earth surface where the Atlantic Ocean moves in tunnels under the land to be purified.

We take great pride in harvesting and preparing local ingredients, grown wild throughout the Discovery Global Geopark and encourage you to experience a new flavour or take home a familiar favourite when in season.

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