Terras de Cavaleiros Geopark

The Terras de Cavaleiros UNESCO Global Geopark is located in the northeast of Portugal. The territory’s dominant altitudes range between 400 and 800 m, with the Nogueira mountain as its highest peak (1320 m) and the Sabor River as the lowest point (200 m). Another river was dammed to create the artificial lake of Azibo’s Lagoon which is classified as protected landscape and important habitat to various rare species.

In the territory of the UNESCO Global Geopark the geological history of over 500 million years is very well documented. Like pages in a book, different stacked portions of rocks that once formed an ancient oceanic crust and an even older continental crust tell the story of the area. The geology is expressed by the Pre-Mesozoic allochthonous geological units,

The Geopark Terras de Macedo is a well defined geographic area, coincident with the administrative boundaries of the county of Macedo de Cavaleiros, with an important geological patrimony which adds to a great patrimony of biodiversity, notorious historical and cultural patrimony, local products, to a rich gastronomy and the art of well receiving others by its people.

The singular Geological patrimony gives the opportunity of going trough millions of years in the history of the land, awakening the interest of geologists form all around the world. The Natural patrimony is differential, with marvelous and well preserved landscapes, which keeps the people’s identity alive, which conserves the secret of taking care of the land, the mastery of dishes well made and the affection with which it welcomes those who visit it.

The Geopark Terras de Cavaleiros assumes a proactive roll in the sense of encouraging the tourist to live gratifying experiences, which will make him become an active protagonist and not a mere observer of the landscapes. That contributes to make it a Geo-touristic place of excellency, that provides scientific experiences, educational and cultural, where all of the strands of this approach contribute to the sustainable development of the land, keeping intact all its natural characteristics and the authenticity of its people.

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