Based on the knowledge of the people, the recipes, the quality of local products and with a strong concern for sustainability, Geocakes focuses on authentic flavours, innovative products and reinvented traditional products that integrate the heritage of the region. In the heart of Geopark Naturtejo, Geocakes delicacies are prepared by passionate hands, with raw materials of the region and facing the Ponsul Fault Escarpment – the huge tectonic plate in Idanha-a-Nova landscape! The main principles of Geocakes, a family project, are the preservation of natural, cultural and environmental resources, as also the rural areas development. Geocakes is partner of Naturtejo UNESCO Global Geopark and a geoproducer since the company was created in 2014 and joined GEOfood in 2019.Geocakes uses products of excellence, preferably local, such as unpeeled fruits in jams and recipes that respect and promote cultural identity and traditions of the local community. Culinary techniques are used that honour and highlight the potential of traditional ingredients and recipes. Geocakes, also with GEOfood brand, combines ancestral and traditional recipes and flavours with innovative approaches that reach several market targets. The company’s current and biggest challenges are to segment the offer, reach the target markets, bypass the location in a low-density territory and keep up with the market instability.

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