Ervas da Zoé

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Ervas do Zoé is a family business that emerged from a change in the life of a young couple coming form the big city. The company produces aromatic herbs and spices at Quinta das Mentas, in Idanha-a-Nova.


Under an exquisite process of cultivation and sustainable production, prioritizing organic farming and preserving the identity of the soil, more than 40 plants are selected, dried and cared for until they are packaged, in a process carried out with great dedication that begins with sowing. Autochthonous plants such as Thyme Bela-Luz (Thymus mastichina) or Pennyroyal (Mentha pulegium) are some of the secret ingredients of tea and spice mixes! Ervas da Zoé produces not only the herbs but also mixtures, synergies of smells and flavours: – condiments such as basil or chives and mixtures for olives, salads our fish – teas such as perennial strawberry, lemon balm, peppermint and also synergies for the morning, sometimes for the night, time for digestion and other.  olive oil

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