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Brother and sister returned to the land where they were born to recover and promote the experience of the “Cabrito Estonado de Oleiros” (Roasted Kid). The restaurant Adega dos Apalaches (= Appalachian Winery) arises as a response to customer demand for a more genuine, rustic and welcoming space to taste this special delicacy and the Callum historical wine. The name Appalachian evokes the “longest human footprint trail in the world”, the International Appalachian Trail, spread over several geographies formerly linked by the ancient supercontinent Pangea, which existed until 200 million years ago and whose traces are today separated by the Atlantic Ocean, but preserved in the Muradal Mountains, where the restaurant is.

The restaurant

Adega dos Apalaches offers a unique gastronomic experience that combines the most genuine local products with recipes that awaken memories. In this place, where every ingredient has a story, you will find the most authentic flavours of the region and all the secrets of how to cook them, whether in a wood oven or in an iron pot? Here the bustle doesn’t begin in the kitchen, but in the vegetable garden and orchard, from where the fresh produce that you’ll find on your plate daily comes out. And what doesn’t come from the kitchen garden comes from the surrounding mountains, where the goats and sheep graze, the olive trees grow, the strawberry trees, the chestnuts or the thistles grow. It is an obligatory stop for anyone who comes to discover Oleiros Cabrito Estonado (=Roasted Kid), for those who come to remember the traditional flavours of soup in an iron pot, ‘migas’ (= cabbage breadcrumbs), arroz de miúdos (= kids rice), baked potatoes or for those who come to try the historic wine Callum.

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