Fonte Insonsa


Fonte Insonsa is a family project with certified organic and artisanal production of goat cheese and Bísaro pork, an autochthonous Portuguese breed, raised in extensive regimes.


Cheese (cured, fresh, preserved) & pig meat – Fonte Insonsa produces organic cured and fresh goat cheese.

‘Queijo da Fonte’. The cheese is made with little salt and without any type of preservative, respecting seasonal cycles. Production starts at the beginning of the year, when the goats give milk again and then it is ready in mid-March/April, when the cheese will reach the buttery texture and mild flavour, until the end of September. In order to dispose of the “ugly” and old (but great) cheese and avoid waste, the cheese is preserved in olive oil – ‘Preserved Goat Cheese’, a traditional way of preserving the product, with a shelf life of one year, without refrigeration.

The Bísaro pig is an autochthonous Portuguese breed, almost extinct in the 90s. However a huge effort has been made to recover the breed. Its meat stands out for having little fat. The animals are raised in an extensive regime, outdoors and surrounded by nature. They feed on nuts, vegetables and fruits with no commercial value, organic feed, full of nutrients, not forgetting the bran together with the whey of the cheese produced by the family.

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