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The Tuscan Mining Geopark is the first one in Italy to develop and distribute GEOfood products on large scale

The Parco delle Colline Metallifere was the first in Italy to join the GEOfood project with the aim of enhancing the geographical origin of agri-food productions, underlining the close link between them and the geological area of ​​origin, highlighting the strong relationship between geological diversity, soil composition, raw materials and food production: not just a quality brand but a real brand of identity.

It is clear the link of this new project with the CETS actions that the Park has been carrying out for years in collaboration with the DRAGO supply chain, with local purchasing groups, with the Food Communities and in the context of projects such as the “minerality of gusto ”in partnership with the Slow Food Monteregio di Massa Marittima convivium.

Magma Unesco Global Geopark, a non-profit organization from Norway, has created the GEOfood project which embraces new sustainable strategies for agriculture and local food production in the UNESCO Global Geoparks.

GEOfood is much more than a simple brand, it is a “philosophy” for the territories of the UNESCO Geoparks, it is an innovative way to connect all segments of the population with the territory and with visitors and tourists. Food is an international language that anyone can understand, through which people can be put in contact with the soil, nature and strengthened food education towards food at zero km and the responsible use of resources.

GEOfood was born as a concrete response to the future global agricultural challenges identified by the United Nations within the UN Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) and those indicated by FAO. The adoption of the GEOfood brand within the Geoparks can concretely contribute to the achievement of many of the objectives of the 2030 Agenda set out in the 17 UN SDGs (United Nation Sustainable Development Goals).

The holistic approach, applied to support local communities and the bottom-up approach, which characterize the UNESCO Geoparks, are at the heart of the GEOfood vision. In this project we work to support producers, farmers, entrepreneurs of the Geopark area, to preserve traditions and increase their economy on a local and regional scale, respecting the environment and following models of sustainability and regeneration: GEOfood products they come from local raw materials, increasing the use of zero km food in everyday life, empowering local communities engaged in agriculture and purchasing local products.

Within the Global UNESCO Geoparks Network, this new educational project is being developed focusing on the local economy, the fight against food waste, the circular economy and zero-km agriculture, the EU Farm to Fork strategy, sustainable development, green economy, eco-tourism.

In 2021, the GEOfood Project was awarded the Special Award by the IGCP Council (UNESCO’s International Geosciences Program Council).

In the territory of the Parco delle Colline Metallfere, joining the GEOfood project began in 2018, focusing on the DRAGO supply chain network (about 100 entrepreneurs) for the production and processing of ancient grains; who will be able to market their short chain products with the GEOfood label which, in addition to being a brand, has a concise explanation of the connection that exists between that particular product and the Park territory, to be easily recognizable by consumers and to contribute to the strategy territorial marketing.

The GEOfood brand certifies the entire supply chain: from production to processing, up to marketing, for the local and regional markets. Through local emporiums, Solidarity Purchasing Groups (GAS), proximity shops and natural shopping centers, Vetrina Toscana shop and media and large-scale distribution with attention to rights and work ethics.

The advantages of GeoFood also lie in the possibility of promoting it within a worldwide international network and participating in projects and funding aimed at sustainability and green conversion.

From November 2021, thanks to the strong and effective cooperation with the DRAGO – Distretto Rurale Agricolo Gastronomico Organizzato Rural Agricultural and Gastronomic District from the #Maremma Region, we are able to present to you more than 20 GEOfood products which are on sale to more than 18 shops in #Tuscany Region.From the grains in the field to the crashed flour they certified pasta, biscuits, pastry but also wine and tomato souce. An incredible achievement that will allow the Geopark to be visibile with its organic, short chain and traditional local products to million of people, increasing the awareness about the local geological and culinary heritage, supporting local producers and sustainable economy.

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