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Aillwee Burren Experience is an experience located on the rugged Aillwee Mountain in the heart of the Burren and Cliffs of Moher UNESCO Global Geopark, it is a Show Cave, a Birds of Prey Centre, a Farm Shop, a Woodland Walk and an official UNESCO Global Geopark Geosite. It is a family run business which started operating in 1976 and is an important contributor to the local economy and community, Aillwee employs over 30 local people full-time, increasing to 60 during the summer tourism season, and sponsors a number of local community groups.


The Cheesemaker, Damien, starts each day by milking 700 litres of milk from a herd of 65 cows at the farm which he brings back to the Farm shop at Aillwee Burren Experience and turns into 70 kilos of our Burren Gold Gouda! Milking the cows just once a day (instead of the usual twice a day) is a healthy practice for the cows and it adds a creamier texture to the cheese. One of their cheeses is smoked naturally using oak shavings Traditional farmhouse cheese smoking is not widely practiced, which adds another unique element to Burren Gold Cheese.

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