Restaurante da Colina

Country: Brazil

The Restaurant 

The Restaurante da Colina is located in the municipality of Cerro Corá, a mountainous region with altitudes that reach 640 meters above sea level and which is part of the Seridó UNESCO Global Geopark. Inaugurated in 2012, since 2019 it has been under the command of Chef Jane Silva. In a scenario integrated to the Pousada Colina dos Flamboyants, the environments provide visitors with a true immersion in an experience of knowledge and flavors. Its main objective is to present and serve food that feeds the soul and provides affection. With regional elements, its dishes translate the flavors, aromas and shapes of the Seridó Geopark. Heritage and gastronomic traditions in perfect balance with nature and people.

The menu

At Restaurante da Colina, it is possible to taste creations named after the main attractions of the city, such as the Nascente do Rio Potengi Geosite, one of the main tributaries of Rio Grande do Norte, whose source is located in the municipality of Cerro Corá and travels 170 km until it flows into the Atlantic Ocean. It is associated with Potiguar history itself, since the old hereditary captaincy of Rio Grande, which gave rise to the state, was named by the Portuguese colonizers after they came across the mouth of the river. This dish is made with sun-dried meat produced in the territory itself, served with a locally sourced coriander pesto. Restaurante da Colina maintains gastronomic heritage and traditions in perfect balance with nature and people. The quality of the products used is associated with the conditions of the fertile soil of the Seridó, a crop also favored by the microclimate of the Serra de Santana, a highlight in the relief of the territory of the Seridó UNESCO Global Geopark, which joins the granite blocks around the restaurant.

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