Miminhos da Olinda

Country: Portugal

Miminhos da Olinda was created by Maria Olinda Oliveira, owner of the restaurant “Mirante da Estrela”. Miminhos da Olinda uses excess products for the production of sweets and jams. As well as sweets, Olinda also started to experiment with traditional bread, turning it into a differentiating product with the introduction of pumpkin in its composition.

From the pumpkin jam so well known in the Serra da Estrela region, to the peach jam made from the peaches of Orjais, also a treat of this region. Olinda’s sweets and jams take advantage of the products created in the area and give them a new life and a new concept. Regarding the pumpkin bread, it is an innovation present in the “Mirante da Estrela” restaurant.

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