A Volta ao Mundo em 80 sabores

Country: Portugal

The company

The company VOLTA AO MUNDO EM 80 SABORES with its trade name “A Floresta”, in the centre of Manteigas, is a sea of delights. But, in the window of this bakery and pastry shop, the star is the pastry made with the beans (feijoca) of Manteigas, which only exists in this region and that gives it unique texture and flavor. And a well-kept secret of the Costa family, who created the recipe over a decade ago.

They work mostly with beans from the producers of Manteigas, using even the pulp of the beans. It is soaked, cooked, peeled and transformed into a puree that is then used in the cake. Besides that, it takes sugar, eggs, almond flour and other ingredients that are a secret. This is not a pastry that you can make at home, it’s not like making a “yoghurt” cake. It’s a process that can take up to seven hours because it depends on the cooling time, the amounts of sugar, and the time it takes to add the different ingredients. There are procedures that we have to follow so that everything goes well. These various stages are also part of the secret. They have the quality certificate that our pastry can be kept for more than 30 days without preserving agents.

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