Grande Forno

Grande Forno has a long tradition of producing rustic bread using traditional methods in the Serra da Estrela region. It has taken the best of each moment and put it into the bakery and pastry products it supplies to its customers. Regarding the bread, we start from the tradition of the Great Community Ovens that used to exist in the villages, and we produce real bread, with a handmade flavour baked in a wood oven. In the pastry area, we highlight the regional cakes that delight all who taste them.

Grande Forno seeks, through its valences in the baking industry, new approaches to endogenous products. The queijadas, the honey and olive oil biscuits and the bread bring new approaches, through traditional products (raw materials), such as curd cheese, honey or olive oil. These are just some of the products that are closely related to the mountain ways of life and its cultural identity!

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