Il Gufo di Pietra

Country: Italy


Located in the main street of Serravalle Sesia, “Il Gufo di Pietra” restaurant has been a reference point for the consumption of high quality food in the lower Sesia valley since 2019. “Il Gufo di Pietra” explores the intersection of food, wine, culture, and tradition offering customers an immersive sensorial and intellectual experience. Food is used as a tool for communication. Periodically, local producers, writers and artists are invited to present their work during a theme – dinner. This mission is literally “set in stone”, as it were, as the logo and name sake of the restaurant, “il Gufo di Pietra” (the Stone Owl), is, in fact, a stone sculpture made by a Greek Cypriot artist. The restaurant offers a combination of local Piedmontese dishes and Roman traditional cuisine, as an expression of the origin and culture of the owner and his wife. These culinary traditions are combined in modern dishes that rediscover the true flavors of the territory.

GEOfood menu

Joining the GEOfood project in 2022, “Il Gufo di Pietra” offers a GEOfood menu based on local rice, cheese, nuts, honey and wine: Sassolini del Sesia (Entreé): fried rice balls with Toma cheese and saffron, Gongonzola cheese and hazelnuts, or Toma cheese and mushrooms. Plin Ciuc (first course): traditional beef ravioli with a red wine sauce. Toma fusa (main course) Broiled Toma cheese with walnuts and honey. Ciambelline al vino (dessert): traditional biscuits dipped in local red wine.

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