Antonio Vallana e Figlio s.a.s.

Country: Italy

The Vallana family has been producing traditional high-quality wines in the Geopark area for over six generations. Centuries of tradition, scientific knowledge in continuous updating and the search for the perfect taste-olfactory balance are combined in Vallana wines. The Vallana winery has been an ambassador for the territory of Alto Piemonte for decades and its wines are renown all over the world for their quality and aging potential. Vallana wines are found at restaurants and wine shops in Europe, America and Asia as well as locally.

The Colline Novaresi hills are formed by alluvial deposits transported by the Sesia river. The alluvial debris is composed of materials coming from the fossil Supervolcano of the Sesia-Val Grande Unesco Global Geopark. The soils are deep and rather fertile, but they maintain characteristics typical of volcanic areas, i.e. acidity and rich minerality. In this region, the local white grape variety is Erbaluce. This wine is fermented and aged in oak barrels for six months. This traditional method produces a full bodied, concentrated, complex and well structured white wine, with fruity, floral aromas and hints of tertiary notes that will become more evident over time.

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