Utajärven Omaleipuri

Omaleipuri is a bakery and cafe located by Road 22 in Utajärvi. Omaleipuri produces and serves GEOfood products made from carefully selected, local ingredients. Pop by for a coffee or a meal and explore the Geological time trail in the bakery’s front yard. You can buy GEOfood and other bakery products at the bakery and in some grocery stores in Rokua Geopark and Oulu

Omaleipuri’s GEOfood products are produced in the heart of Rokua UNESCO Global Geopark. Nutrients from the soil of the Geopark area, the fresh climate and the clean environment, all come together with the bakery’s craftsmanship to create a high quality GEOfood product. The bakery’s Geofood products epitomise local food at its most authentic and most delicious.

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