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The Company

With this motto, TZG became a large regional agricultural company. We master turbulent economic times in agriculture with a wealth of ideas, hard work and the courage to break new ground. The combination of tradition and innovation guarantees TZG a successful future. TZG Ernstroda GmbH is a farm with its own slaughterhouse and direct marketing of Thuringian meat and sausage specialties. At the edge of the Thuringian Forest at an altitude of between 350 and 650 meters above sea level, TZG Ernstroda cultivates almost 700 hectares of arable land and 1750 hectares of grassland under difficult conditions. A large part of this grassland can only be used by grazing with cattle or water buffalo. As an agricultural company with all the fields, pastures and cattle, TZG is part of the region. In contrast to other production companies, we do not separate ourselves from the environment with fences and walls. We face up to our constant presence with responsible integration into the region. TZG Ernstoroda have been selling meat and sausage products in its farmer’s market since 1997.

The product 

The traditional thuringian sausages, cattle’s and buffalo’s products are our highlight, which are appreciated by our customers and for which we have received numerous awards. The beefs are processed only from the own production. Short transport routes and our own slaughterhouse ensure good meat quality. The opportunity to connect our company and the GEOfood allow us to cooperate with the UGGp Thuringia Inselsberg-Drei Gleichen in a remarkable way. Since then we collaborate in various projects for the promotion of the Thuringian natural and geological heritage, for the sustainable use of the soil and for the regional economic growth.

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