Rosenhof Holzhausen

Nestled in the setting of the UGGp Thuringia Inselsberg-Drei Gleichen, under the medieval Wachsenburg Castle, the Rosenhof Holzhausen cultivates damask roses to produce rose water, tea, honey and liqueurs.

Antje Kochlett and Christian Beer’s idea of growing this type of rose typical of warmer regions in the heart of Germany has become a well-known reality in just 5 years.

The GEOfood produced food and drinks are very diverse: tea, liquers, small sweets, honey, marmelades strongly linked to the the regional product ” Original Thüringer Rosenwasser” (Thuringian rose water), processed into many products. It is particularly aromatic because the oil content remains in the rose water and is not separated as an extra product, as is the case with other productions.

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