Lauhansarvi offers a variety of activities in addition to saunas. The zenith of Lauhansarvi’s cultural summer takes place in July, when Lauhan Spelit folk music festival is celebrated. Local musicians and famous artists take care of the audience well into the night. Nature is at its most authentic in Lauhanvuori National Park, which opens next to Lauhansarvi. There is an observation tower to explore the Geopark area, exciting trails, and several campfire pits to have a picnic. It is easy to hike around in the National Park independently or with a nature guide, who leads you to the secrets of the area.

Lauhansarvi Nature Tourist Center is known for its delicious food, which meets the needs of everyday life and celebration. The best flavors can be found in local and topical ingredients. In Lauhansarvi, you can stop by for a quick coffee or organize big parties for the whole family – and everything in between. The restaurant also organizes catering for Lauhanvuori National Park visitors or home parties.

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