Haugland Gård & Hage

Country: Norway

Haugland Gård & Hage is located close to the protected coastal heath called “Sletthei”, in Lund municipality in the far south of Rogaland. The farm is nicely located with cultivated land close to the farm buildings. The coastal heath “Sletthei” is close and accessible to the animals. The farm hosts the protected cattle breed “Vestlandsk Raudkolle”, or “Lyngdalskua”, as the locals call it. The farm has access to approx. 3000Da grazing, and of these, about 2800Da is idyllic coastal heath, where the animals can frolic in historical nature and safe surroundings.

Haugland Gård & Hage puts animal welfare as priority no. 1, and the production is grass-based with a long grazing season. The animals on the farm have access to the outside all year round, which we think they value highly. During the summer, the farm is open for visitors who are curious about the very critically endangered Lyngdalskua, often in connection with visits to the idyllic visitor garden, which is also run here. The garden is in Cottage style and consists of several rooms with a variety of roses, perennials, portals, seating areas – and with a vegetable garden with a large selection of vegetables. Here there is room for people, animals and the buzzing friends .

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