Mátra Buffalo Reserve


At the western gateway to the Mátra, on the border of Szurdokpüspöki, on one of its largest plateaus (Laposok), in an area of about 120 hectares classified as Natura 2000, and on the border of the village of Herencsény, the animals of the buffalo reserve – mainly Hungarian domestic buffaloes and donkeys – live in free-range farming. The company sells buffalo and donkey meat to many of local restaurants and they have guided tours and farm programs for the visitors.

The product

The products of the Mátra Buffalo Reserve are the mineral and biogenic diatoms deposited during the cratering of the post-volcanic hot springs, on the andesitic and riolite tuff bedrock of the so-called “Szurdokpüspök Formation” of Miocene volcanic activity, marble, quartzite and tufite soil layers, which are extremely rich in minerals and trace elements, are derived from native livestock grazing wild herbs and medicinal plants in free-range pastures. The animals, which are not intended for further breeding, are processed into meat, sausages, salami, ham and other meat products using traditional curing methods, flavoured with natural salt, natural spices and wild herbs.

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