Cerros de Ojosmín

At Cerros de Ojosmín downhill , Mercedes grew up in the family dairy and since she was a child, she learnt from her father how to produce artisan cheeses. She still lives here and and continue producing cheeses applying her family knowledge and thus continue with the traditional production. Since 1990 she and her family are proudly owners of the N51 local cheese producers registry. She has participated in several regional and national cheese training. The entire milk production process is done manually, without the use of any machinery tools for milking. At the same time, the management of the dairy is carried out using EM ™ (Efficient Microorganisms), an organic product that allows them to obtain more profitable crops, better milk production and a dairy free of insects and bad smells. In a room next to the dairy, Mercedes spends her nights awake making the cheese by hand. She uses only the milk obtained from milking the cows in her establishment. The establishment produces fresh and parked semi-hard cheese and flavored semi-hard cheese. The aromatic herbs are obtained from its organic farm, which are dried and used in the production of flavored cheeses.

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