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How to become a member

Find out what are the possible first steps towards the GEOfood certification for your UNESCO Global Geopark

How to become a GEOfood partner

Yes we know, we are very tempting. The GEOfood  initiative is rather cool and we also like to be inclusive and dynamic, so yes you are welcome!

As you may know, the “GEOfood” is a copyrighted brand which certified local producers and restaurant wihtin UNESCO Global Geopark territories.

GEOfood is based on CRITERIA and MANIFESTO , common to all members based on short chain food supply, sustanable production proccess,  for reducing climate impact and support local communities.

The GEOfood “quality “derives not from any chemical composition but it is build up thought the stories, traditions, heritage of the local communities crossed with the  geological peculiarity  of each Geopark areas, it aims at empowering local communities in increasing the awarness of the importance of local resources both biotic and abiotic, strongly emphasizing the strong connection and intercorrelation between biodiversity and geodiversity.

The ​GEOfood narrative, is an innovative way to connect all targets of the population with the geological history and research running in the territory: food is an “international language” that anyone can understand, through the food we like to connect people with soil, nature and strengthen the food education towards km zero food and responsible use of the resources.

How can you become officially part of it? 

GEOfood is copyrighted brand and it is available upon request, only recognized UNESCO Global Geopark can require its membership at

Who can be part of it?

GEOfood is reserved to UNESCO Global Geoparks territories (including multi designated UNESCO sites). Geopark managers should contact to get information.

Aspiring Geoparks and Geopark projects are welcoming to contact us for get supported in developing preliminary local communities engagement strategies around the GEOfood values.

In particular, throught the IGCP726 Project  Aspiring and Geopark projects are welcome to join the project group and apply the tools to your areas, before becoming an UNESCO Global Geopark.

Contact us:

Why can become part of it?

The GEOfood initiative groups together some UNESCO Global Geoparks supporting them to develop local food network around settled criteria and values, valorising local identity, supporting new tourism possibility and educational offers based on the peculiar geological and cultural heritage; supporting exchanging good practices and the Geopark´s bottom up approach.

Through the webpage, social media and events, the GEOfood promotes local producers and restaurants internationally, marketing the Geopark and its inhabitants Worldwide.