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Wine in the Mediterreanean area: a long historical and cultural tradition, three GEOfood wines producers are now active!   

“However, the question of why this process did not occur elsewhere in the world remains. Wild grapes are also native in Northern America, but there is little evidence of early wine production before European colonization .Even in China, where wine appeared to have had similar chances to flourish (e.g., grapes, vessels, medicinal use, ruling elite preference), it failed to achieve similar social importance as in the West.
In particular, the symbolic associations with religious belief, fertility and health are the most pervasive, then, the reasons underlying its success should not be only related to the expertise to obtain a drink preferred over others, but also with the way Mediterranean peoples incorporated wine in all aspects of their lives”.
Three wine producers from our UNESCO Global Geoparks are now implementing the GEOfood brand and standards on their products, find them here:…/geofood-products/products-beverages/
Citation: Harutyunyan, M.; Malfeito-Ferreira, M. The Rise of Wine among Ancient Civilizations across the Mediterranean Basin. Heritage2022,5,788–812.

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