Tuscan Mining Geopark

The geological features of the Geopark have resulted from the long and complex geological evolution of southern Tuscany associated mainly with the formation of the local mountain chain (Apennine chain).

his territory embraces the area of the Colline Metallifere (Metalliferous Hills), one of most important ore districts of Italy. In this area, there are several sulphide orebodies that for their grade and size were intensely exploited from remote to modern age for production of lead, zinc, copper, silver, iron, pyrite, alum and lignite.

Visiting the Geopark, one can experience active geological processes such as thermal springs, gas and vapour jets, and thermal pools, which in the last 200 years have been used for the production of boron and electricity. In the Geopark, you will find a region where sustainability and slow, experiential tourism are a way of life. The precious vestiges of the past intermingle with the excellence of the present.

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