The UNESCO Global Geopark Merangin Jambi from Indonesia joined GEOfood

The Merangin Jambi UNESCO Global Geopark is home to a karst landscape which formed during the Mesozoic era (252–66 million years ago)
This geopark is also home to the unique fossils of “Jambi flora”, which are the only exposed fossilized plants of their kind in the world today: they are part of a rock formation dating from the Early Permian (296 million years old).
These fossilized plants include mosses, primitive conifers and seed ferns, which reproduce via seed dispersal instead of through spores.
The karst landscape of this geopark combines lowlands on the east side with highlands on the west side, with the highest peak rising to an altitude of 2,900 m above sea level on Mount Masurai, which was formed by a large eruption 33,000 years ago.
The area has been inhabited since the prehistoric era and is home to different indigenous groups, including the Orang Batin Lamo tribe and the Serampas clan.

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