Cheongsong Geopark

Cheongsong Geopark, located in the Middle East of the Republic of Korea, was designated as a national geopark in April 2014 and a UNESCO Global Geopark in May 2017 due to geodiversity and participation of local residents.
The Geopark has an area of 845.71km², and various geological features are observed such as Precambrian metamorphic rocks, tuff mountainous, Mesozoic sedimentary rocks, dinosaur footprints, and Cenozoic intrusive rocks.
The District of Sinseong Valley Sinseong Valley, where dinosaurs visited 100 million years ago, is made up of sedimentary rocks formed by accumulating and hardening gravel, sand, and mud deep underground.
Sedimentary rocks receive great force and rise above the ground, then meet with water to create a beautiful landscape of rocks and rivers.
In addition, Sinseong Valley is a place where you can meet the history of the Earth’s dynamic natural environment and the story of climate change, and is being used as a learning space for students.

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