YEAR II Research METHODOLOGIES on GEOfood assessment, implementation and results


IGCP project


Based on the scientific results of objective 1, objective 2 creates the guidelines for further practical actions. This takes the form of a set of methodologies, not only in the sense of formal documents, but also through innovative methods such as online assessment quizzes and checklists, all gathered in the toolkit. The information marked with an orangebackground will be part of the toolkit.

Methodology is viewed here as a system of procedures which simplify and uniformise the way we do things (who does what in which order)

The methodology was created with a broad participation of all the scientists involved in the project. Following preliminary talks with Tuscan Mining, Las Loras and LH Finland, who are more advanced in the GEOfood implementation, several interviews and focus groups have been conducted. The final document was drafted during three online meetings with the project participants. The methodology is fully a group work and a common result.