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MAGMA wine, a tradicional wine produced in Biscoitos geosite, Azores UNESCO Global Geopark


Founded in 1999, Adega Cooperativa dos Biscoitos was born from the efforts of a group of local producers, with the aim of protecting, promoting, and marketing the genuine Vinho Verdelho dos Biscoitos, produced from vines grown on a rocky substrate, divided by ‘’curraletas’’ made with typical stone walls – basalt. The production area is part of the Protected Landscape Area of the Terceira Nature Park and the Biscoitos-Matias Simão geosite, of Azores UNESCO Global Geopark.

The Biscoitos’ verdelho wine tells us a story of resilience that starts with the volcanic landscape formation and writes itself though man’s hard work.

The volcanic “terroir” of the wines produced here gives it a unique and strong flavour that reminds us of the proximity to the ocean and the lava flow field were the grape has born. MAGMA wine is exclusively made with the Verdelho variety. The vines are planted in ‘’curraletas’’, which are part of the cultural heritage of Terceira Island, protecting them from strong Atlantic winds, thus creating unique and special wines. The grapes are harvested manually, into 20Kg wicker baskets and quickly transported to the wine house where a total destemming is carried out, followed by a light pressing. After a cold static decantation, fermentation starts, which lasts for 20 days and then the wine is left on fine lees in batonnâge for 5 months.

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