Haute Provence Geopark

Located in south-eastern France, between the Alps and Provence, the Haute-Provence UNESCO Global Geopark is the largest geological open-air museum in France. The reserve includes 18 geological sites more than 300 million years old, which contain numerous fossil-rich materials and fascinating rock formations.

The Haute-Provence UNESCO Global Geopark is a place showing 300 million years of the Earth’s history. The entire territory is occupied by sedimentary rocks ranging in age from the Stephanian (300 million years ago) to present. Major unconformities are recorded between Middle Stephanian – Lower Triassic (300-250 million years ago) deposits and between the late Jurassic – late Eocene successions (145-35 million years ago).

The Haute-Provence UNESCO Global Geopark offers a great quantity of geological unique hotspots (ammonite slab, bird footprints. landscapes.) and has created the first site museum in Europe build to protect a paleontological specimen (1980, Ichthyosaurus, La Robine). In its territory the geological heritage is strictly protected by a National Geological reserve.

he UNESCO Global Geopark during these last 15 years has also developed a strong policy connecting contemporary art with landscape and geology. Today more than 130 artworks are present in its territory and special guides are trained both in geology and in contemporary art and offer their service for a new category of visitors. The Haute-Provence UNESCO Global Geopark is greatly involved in economic development by supporting the creation of new local products and with its quality branding for local economic partners (restaurants, lodging, local products, museums, etc.).

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